Aims & Objectives

At St Cuthbert’s Pre-school we aim to provide a happy, safe and secure environment to help bring out the very best in your child, both socially and educationally, as children learn best when they are healthy, safe, happy and secure. We aim to ensure that all children’s individual needs are met and work in consultation with parents and carers to achieve this. We aim to ensure that children develop positive relationships with the adults and the other children in the setting.

Children are supported to enjoy and achieve during their time at Pre-school through the provision of a wide range of appropriate activities and experiences which are carefully planned to take into account children’s preferences, learning styles, needs and interests. We encourage children’s creativity, imagination and independence through access to many activities and between the indoor and outdoor environment.

We aim to provide a friendly, secure, healthy and inclusive environment in which all children and their families will feel welcome.

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